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Article: Why Beard Oil Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Regimen

Why Beard Oil Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Regimen

Why Beard Oil Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Regimen

Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Despite what you may think, you don't need a beard like Grizzly Adams to benefit from a beard oil. Even a bit of stubble interferes with how the skin underneath absorbs essential nutrients, and nourished skin results in less irritation, stronger hair follicles, and a healthy shine.

Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Most guys that have tried growing out a beard are familiar with the uncomfortable time after the stubble has grown out a bit, but before you have an actual beard. You've likely started to get a few compliments but it's itchy as hell and you're damn near ready to shave it off. Don’t do it! Stick it out and you'll be rewarded with the full beard of your dreams. The best thing you can do during this itchy phase is soothe the irritated skin under your new beard by keep it hydrated with the natural oils and nutrients in our beard oil.
Regular application also helps tame unruly hair. Beard hair isn't like normal hair, it's coarse and unruly, and without proper care will grow out looking frizzy and unkempt. This is why it's important to treat beards with heavier oils that will sit on the follicle for longer. Coarse beard hairs need an oil that will sit on the surface of the follicle and be absorbed over a longer period of time.
It's like a dried up sponge that is half the size and completely warped versus when it is wet. Keeping your beard hydrated works in much the same way; hydrating the follicles helps keep them full and also helps to keep them growing in the right direction.
If you're thinking about incorporating beard oil into your daily regimen, follow the steps below to learn the proper steps for keeping everything dialed in.


Step 1:

Dispense 5-10 drops of oil into the palm of your hand. Feel free to use a little bit more or less depending on the length of your beard.
Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Step 2:

Rub the palms of your hands together to help emulsify the oil. The bit of heat created helps to spread the oil evenly over the follicles.
Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Step 3:

Beginning at your neck, work your fingers through the beard. Going against the grain helps to coat the base of the follicles and also allows the oil to hydrate the skin beneath.
Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Step 4:

Repeat this step in the opposite direction to lay the follicles back down and to help coat any stray hairs you may have missed on the first pass.
Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Step 5:

Apply downward pressure to your beard to help lay down follicles and create the desired shape.
Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Step 6:

Always store your oil in a cool, dry place and avoid placing it in direct sunlight. Natural oils can have an extremely long lifespan if stored properly.
Otter Wax Beard Oil How To Apply

Step 7:

Pull the trigger and get some! As a bonus for getting this far, take 10% off your bottle of Beard Oil with code: GROWITOUT
Otter Wax Beard Oil

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