Bamboo Bristle Comb


Once you've used a bamboo bristle comb, there's no going back. The bristles of this brush penetrate through layers of hair, smoothing and grooming while providing a gentle scalp massage. The bristles are held in place by a cushioned rubber pad that gently follows the contours of the head. This brush is excellent for styling short hair, but also detangles and smooths long hair with ease.

Net Wt. 6oz | Made in Germany



Iris Hantverk brushes age beautifully and are easy to care for. Allow to dry after each use by hanging or setting the brush with bristles facing down. Treat with mineral oil when oak begins to dry out.




Materials: Beech, Rubber Pad, Bamboo Bristles

Length: 8.5"

Bristle Area: 4"

Handle Width: 1.5"

Height: 1.5"


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