Iris Hantverk Table Brush & Dustpan Set


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This brush and dustpan set is great for tidying up your workbench, dining table, or kitchen counters. The brush nests snugly inside the dustpan and allows for easy storage on a single hook. We especially like that the solid birch dust pan has a beveled edge that helps make sure you're not left with a line of crumbs on the table.
This is a very special brush. Visually impaired craftsman hand apply each bundle of horsehair bristles to the high quality wood handle creating a unique wire pattern, just as they have been doing for over a hundred years.

Net Wt. 3oz | Made in Sweden
Iris Hantverk brushes age beautifully and are easy to care for. Occasionally treat with mineral oil when oak begins to dry out.
Materials: Birch, Horsehair (Light Bristles)
Width: 5.75"
Height: 4"

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