Wet Weather Leather Care

We all know how expensive a pair of leather boots or shoes can be, so with rainy weather fast approaching we wanted to pass along some tips to help you protect your investment. Remember that leather is skin, but without a system to replenish natural oils, the leather will dry out like a sponge. Otter Wax Leather Care products provide continuous hydration, keeping the leather plumped up and resistant to water and staining.
Before conditioning leather, it's always best to start with a clean slate. Dirt, dust, and debris can clog the pores of the leather and prevent conditioning treatments from being absorbed evenly. Our Saddle Soap is made from a base of Beeswax and Castile Soap and provides a deep clean without utilizing harsh detergents or chemicals which can cause leather to dry out and break down over time.
When leather gets dry, it's going to absorb anything it comes into contact with, resulting in water, mud, and salt marks that can leave the leather permanently stained. Our Leather Salve utilizes natural waxes, butters, and oils to quickly and evenly reintroduce vital oils and nutrients to the leather. When the Salve has been absorbed, a thin layer of white wax will form on the surface. Use a horsehair brush or soft cloth to buff until transparent. This thin layer of wax acts as a protective barrier against the elements, but also helps to seal in the oils and nutrients absorbed by the leather.
Our Leather Oil is the most versatile product from our Leather Care line. It's a fantastic way to add a bit of natural shine to leather, but it also functions as a quick and easy way to maintain continual hydration and extend the amount of time between full conditioning treatments. Made from a base of safflower and vitamin-E oil, this treatment is rich in oleic acids that are vital to maintaining healthy skin. Simply pour a few drops onto a soft cloth, wipe onto leather, and you're done!


If your goal is to completely seal leather with a heavy-duty layer of waterproofing, a quick application of our Boot Wax what will do the trick. A thick blend of natural beeswax and lanolin protects leather and is also a great way to make sure all the seams are completely sealed. Before launching a new ship, captains used to coat their propellers with lanolin to prevent barnacles from latching on. One coating would last for the lifetime of the ship, and now we utilize it to help make your boots last a lifetime.