The Ultimate Waxed Suede Tutorial

Written By Otter Wax - September 24 2015


August 26 2016

I love it best idea for water proof shoes.

August 07 2016

Nicely done! Any plans on a tutorial for waxed wool fabric ? I’ve had some success using just beeswax but am wondering if a wax/oil recipe like your product would make it easier or better.
Unlike leathers, you need to saturate rather than coat the fabric to coat the fibres then go through a bit of a removal process to keep the fabric flexible. I’d love to get your input. Thanks!

Mike N
April 01 2016

Great tutorial! One thing I would add for a finishing option is the use of a smooth-wood leather burnisher (using a wooden Dremel bit) that really gets the wax into the leather, prevents crease marks from wear and adds to the finished sheen. Not only that, a Dremel tool with a $5 cocobolo wood bit will makes the burnishing quick and painless.

December 31 2015

thank you so much I will be trying this on a pair of suede boots to make them waterproof and to give them that look as well I will let you know how it goes and take pictures thanks again!!

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