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Use our Heavy Duty Fabric Wax to maintain and replenish protective wax coatings on all types of waxed canvas, tincloth, and oilskin fabrics. Our waxes can also be applied to untreated fabrics for an unbeatable layer of protection.

This kit also includes important care and cleaning products for periodic maintenance of waxed fabrics. Our natural care products are carefully formulated to keep gear and apparel in optimal condition after wax treatment by directly targeting stains and preventing odors at the source.



Item Size
Large Heavy Duty Fabric Wax Bar 5oz 2x
Botanical Enzyme Odor Eliminator 2oz 1x
Waxed Canvas Spot Cleaner 2oz 1x

Product Data

Barcode: 099854325711

SKU: FCW9842+(01,06,12)