"All-natural" has become a buzzword across various industries, but we don't believe it should be used as a marketing tool when brands can't deliver on their promises. Rather, it should be a means of demonstrating an authentic commitment to crafting products that are environmentally conscious and honest, without compromising on their efficacy.

At Otter Wax, we believe Mother Nature has already given us all the tools we need to create safe, effective products for everyday use. We're committed to sourcing natural ingredients that originate from sustainably-harvested sources that offer the least amount of environmental impact. We never have—and never will—use any animal fats, fillers, petroleum distillates, mineral oil, or chemical preservatives in our products.

Otter Wax products are made from natural, plant-based ingredients and humanely harvested beeswax and lanolin. While these ingredients are an animal byproduct, we work closely with sustainability-driven beekeepers who ensure enough beeswax is left behind to nourish the colony, along with small-scale farmers who collect cruelty-free lanolin without harming their herd.

We're passionately against animal testing and any practices that harm nature, and only work with suppliers who believe in our steadfast environmental philosophy. As a result, our carefully-selected suppliers are held to the highest standards of rigorous quality assurance, and we choose to work with community-minded suppliers who share our commitment to social responsibility.

We don't view sustainability as a marketing buzzword or a passing trend. We see it as a definitive statement on living a more mindful life that puts us in harmony with the planet and all of its inhabitants. From our consciously-sourced ingredients to our recyclable packaging, we're constantly working to strengthen and reinforce our vision to create an equitable future that puts sustainability at the forefront of our product range.